3 Common Misconceptions About Watches (Part 2)

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I started this series last year because I wanted to address the common misconceptions people have on horology. However, halfway through writing the first one, I figured that one article is not enough for me to cover everything. So here we are, part two to this amazing series and hopefully, this will erase some of these misconceptions of yours and change how you view watches.

1. Watch collecting is an ‘Old Man’s Sport’

Paul Newman Daytona

A really common stigma among teens or young adults and this really bothers me. We see a lot of youngins talking about supercars and discuss them in detail. Why? I mean, cars are luxury goods, so are watches, why aren’t there any kids talking about Rolex and Patek Philippe? The reasons being, cars are anywhere to be seen but not watches, it is easier for us to catch a Ferrari than a Rolex. On top of that, it is also the rarity of people wearing watches.

If you think it is an old man’s sport because of how expensive they are and you would need to be Warren Buffett in order to build a watch collection, it is time to scratch that idea.

See, watches aren’t always about those super fancy ones (Franck Muller, Patek Philippe), there are a lot of affordable watches waiting for people to find and fall in love with. It is one of the best accessories for both males and females to elevate your fashion style, yet, not enough people are talking about it. Time to change guys, you would be surprised by how amazing these tiny boxes are.

2. Mistaking a normal calendar as an annual calendar

IWC Annual Calendar (Rakuten)

Another really common mistake. A normal calendar requires you to advance it every Feb, April, June, Sept, and Nov. An annual calendar only requires you to advance it in Feb, everything else is built into the movement, that’s why it is called an ‘annual calendar’. Get it right, folks.

3. Adopting other people’s opinion

The truth is, everyone has different taste and there are no right or wrong. You should never follow trends when it comes to watches, there are timeless designs but never a timely design that is widely agreed upon, everything can be viewed as timely if it is your cup of tea.

In my opinion, as cliché as it sounds, Royal Oaks is the only series I like by Audemars Piguet. Surely, a lot of AP fanatics are going to bash on me for that but after all, it’s just my preference. One of the most common mistakes when buying watches is trying to impress others with a design you don’t even like. What’s the point?

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