3 Common Misconceptions About Watches (Part 1)

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We have all been that novice that thinks we have seen it all, but in reality, we don’t. I used to be that ‘know-it-all’ who correct everything you said about watches because I want you to know I’m knowledgable. As time went on I realized how bad it made me looked. Well, of course, we may know more about a certain topic than our friends that may not even care at all but we certainly don’t know much. So, today I want to go over some of the common misconceptions about watches that you may want to avoid.

Since there are a lot of erroneous concepts regarding watches, I will be splitting this into parts. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Looking down on Rolex

Before I knew enough about watches, Rolex in my mind was the King, nothing goes above. But as I learnt more, there are Omega, JLC and then there are A. Lange and Patek Philippe, Rolex’s ranking started to drop. It may not be a drastic drop but definitely not the King I used to know anymore.

John Mayer, a known avid Rolex collector (HOROBOX)

You know how when you learn about something, your mind is primed and you start paying more attention to that subject? That happened to me and I started noticing a lot more Rolexes on the streets. Soon enough, it had occurred to me that when people have earned enough, Rolex is most people’s go-to. Don’t get me wrong, Rolex is prestigious but the commonness of Submariners led me to doubting Rolex’s value.

Needless to say, this was one of my biggest misconceptions due to my naivety.

The rarity of Rolex does not affect the value in its name, heck, Rolex’s irreplaceable value is the reason why all of us want to own one in the first place. To some extent, some of us buy Rolex just to make a statement. I am not afraid to say this because I am certain some of you reading this will agree with me. Remember your first Rolex? The feeling of finally owning one is so satisfying because it gives us a sense of success in reaching this milestone.

Rolex is Rolex for a reason, it is a giant, a behemoth in the watchmaking industry and you can always count on Rolex to produce high-quality products.

This may not be a misconception for some of you but for those who feel the same way as I did, give Rolex some damn respect.

2. Wanting to build a collection too quickly

My Seiko ssc618p

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have your own unique collection as soon as possible, in fact, turn that into a source of motivation. However, some people may have misunderstood this statement, rushing into this hobby of theirs and built a ‘collection’ with a bunch of cheap watches.

Before judging me for ‘discriminating’ cheap watches, let me explain.

Cheap watches are great and they helped me explore what I like. This diving watch from Seiko I own, is it expensive? No. Do I love it? I adore this watch, this watch allowed me to realize that I like a certain dial and bezel design.

My point is, trying various types of watches at the lower end of the price spectrum is a great way to hone in on your taste without spending a fortune. This probably applies to everything, before jumping in at the deep end we probably should evaluate and weigh our options, but these ‘cheap watches’ should not be something you buy for the sake of filling up your watch box.

3. The movement is all to a watch

Image result for valjoux 7750
Valjoux 7750 Movement (Rakuten)



I understand why this can be a common misconception but a watch is more than just the movement. Of course, they are the soul of the watch but the overall design, case construction, and exterior finish are equally important. Movements like the ETA 2824-2 or Valjoux 7750 have been around for decades and are common among watches, and they are not all to the watches you bought.

Unlike most, I look at the movements as well.

Me, at some point in my life trying to sound smart in front of my friends

We sometimes overvalue the movement and forgot to give credit to the watch designer. After all, the appearance of the watch is what catches your attention in the first place right?

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