3 Shocking Facts About Nomos Glashütte

Founded in 1990 by Roland Schwertner, the word Nomos is the name of the company and should also be defined as “king of minimalistic watch”. However, do you know these shocking facts about your favourite brand Nomos Glashütte?

1. Nomos Glashütte Makes It All In-house

Impressive right? Nomos Glashütte produces all ten of its calibers by itself in Glashütte. To be able to have the “Glashütte” name next to your brand, it only be used when at least 50 percent of a caliber’s value is generated there. Nomos Glashütte has a crazy high 95% production depth! Yet despite its incredible in-house work, it produces some of the most affordable watches to come from Glashütte.

While Nomos Glashütte has been producing all its calibers in-house since 2005, the label DUW (Nomos Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke) makes the watchmaking company’s credentials as a caliber producer clear.

2. An Escape Artist From The Swiss Monopoly

Nomos has acheive technological independence from any Swiss supplier of essential parts, relying on no one when producing their escapements. It is an accomplishment that no one in the world has achieved so far.

3. Largest Producer in Germany

The demand for Nomos watches has grown in recent years, matter of fact, in 2017, the demand had a 24% growth. To this day, Nomos is the largest producer of mechanical watches in Germany.

As the company is growing is a steadfast pace, Nomos is currently exporting watches to over 50 countries and is focusing more on the US market than ever before and has become the second largest market for the company.

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