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Alberta Premium cask strength – A Gentleman’s Review

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I often tell people sometimes it is not about the whiskey you are enjoying, it is about who you are sharing the experience with. Yesterday, a fellow whiskey lover brought over some of his collections, we sat down and had a tiny tasting session. With the right person, everything is going to taste better, and the Alberta Premium cask strength perfected the moment.

Findings in the Alberta Premium cask strength

This is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Truth be told, I have never tried 100% rye whiskey before. Also, might I add, this ‘rye whiskey’, DOES NOT taste or smell like rye. I guess I’m tasting it as Canadian whiskey rather than rye whiskey, let’s take a look at the tasting.

Nose: Really sweet. When I heard ‘rye whiskey’, I was expecting a more herbal, leafy note but I guess I was wrong. Unlike most rye, this whiskey is exceptionally sweet and caramel-ly on the nose. Really fruity with a slight hint of cinnamon and pepper. After adding a few drops of water, it revealed a milky note.

Palate: Sweet like syrup and quite citrusy at first (orange zest?). Gets more and more earthy has it opens up. Although the ABV states a whopping 65.1%, it really isn’t that strong, the alcohol content does not overwhelm the tasting of it at all. Really smooth with quite a spicy kick to it (black pepper). Still can’t really taste the earthiness you’re ‘suppose’ to get when drinking rye whiskey. Generally a really sweet whiskey, a really interesting dram.

Finish: Slightly nutty and as mentioned before, there is a kick at the end. The sweetness and oakiness linger in the mouth for a while, it is not longlasting but good enough.

Definitely don’t expect this to be your common rye whiskey because it is not! And to be completely frank, it tasted like a strong scotch with that sweetness and lack of rye taste, add some water to tame the dram and open it up, you will taste so much more. Overall, sweet and a good value cask-strength whiskey, I think it is slightly underpriced too!

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