cartier crash skeleton

Take A Look At: Cartier Crash Skeleton

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Never reviewed a Cartier watch before and this first review isn’t the Tank solo nor the Ballon Bleu De Cartier, it is the Cartier Crash Skeleton. A watch with both an interesting design and story behind it. Watch I.D Model: Cartier Crash SkeletonReferences: WHCH0006Diameter: 28.15 mm x 45.32 mmCalibre: 9618 MCPower Reserve: 72 hoursWinding: manualRetail Price: ~$69550 USD (limited 67 pieces) …


Rise of Seiko – Brand’s Origin

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Whenever I decided to do an origin story that is Japan-related, I get very hyped up. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve been to Japan enough to fall in love with it. Or maybe it’s because every Japanese brand that became an international sensation always has a legendary backstory to it? Who knows? However, Seiko is no ordinary …

3 Common Misconceptions About Watches (Part 2)

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I started this series last year because I wanted to address the common misconceptions people have on horology. However, halfway through writing the first one, I figured that one article is not enough for me to cover everything. So here we are, part two to this amazing series and hopefully, this will erase some of these misconceptions of yours and …

histoire de tourbillon

Take A Look At: The Histoire De Tourbillon 6

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It’s been a while since the last “Take A Look At” article and I just miss writing about watches, it’s so fun to do all these researches and turning them into an information-dense article for you to consume. As we all know, we are getting closer to Christmas and I want to introduce something special to you, the Harry Winston …

Top 3 Whiskies For Beginners

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I want to begin by saying this, there is a reason why I have not done a “Top 5 best whiskies” or “Must try whiskies before the age of 25” or anything close to that for a reason. The reason being all these recommendations at their best are just my stupid opinion and everyone has a COMPLETELY different starting point. …

Take A Look At: Seiko Prospex SSC618P1

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A diving watch can never go wrong in my opinion. Matter of fact, if you can’t make up your mind on what to buy for yourself or as a gift, this Seiko Prospex SSC618P1 should be a safe bet. Watch I.D Model: Seiko ProspexReferences: ssc618p1Diameter: 43.5 mmCalibre: V175Power Reserve: 6 months when fully chargedWinding: AutomaticPrice: ~$300 USD A Gentleman’s Take The …

3 Common Misconceptions About Watches (Part 1)

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We have all been that novice that thinks we have seen it all, but in reality, we don’t. I used to be that ‘know-it-all’ who correct everything you said about watches because I want you to know I’m knowledgable. As time went on I realized how bad it made me looked. Well, of course, we may know more about a …