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Around 2 weeks ago I was invited by a friend to join him in a quaint little whisky tasting session, it turned out to be the best decision ever. One of the most memorable and remarkable whisky I’ve tasted that day was the Biting A Fireman’s Glove from The SMWS, I mean the name itself is intriguing enough. I have been meaning to try it for so long but it’s just a bit out of budget for me to purchase a whole bottle, props to my buddy. Let’s get straight to the tasting.

Findings in the 53.303

Fireman's Glove
Look at this gorgeous

How should I put this? Imagine a literal fireman’s glove straight after him running in a burning building to save those in danger. The smell of burnt objects and smokiness are the keywords here. Who would have thought the taste of charred fruits in a whisky would taste so good?

Nose: Not really strong on the nose, however, you can tell this dram is really smokey. Nutty, almond or pistachio. A hint of fruitiness at the back if you really dig into it, something citrusy (lemon or orange)

Taste: When I say it surprises me, it surprises me. A really sweet but charred, fruity (orange zest?) opening, and just like the nose suggested, it is really nutty, (now that I’ve tasted it, it’s definitely almond). Still smokey and kind of peaty as well, taste like slightly burnt bacon with an orange dressing. Weird combination? I don’t think so

Finish: It has a nice, long-lasting finish, the smokiness is almost gone in this phase but the peatiness is here to stay. The nutty note turned from almond to almost peanut like.

I really wish the weren’t a ‘finish’ to this whisky because it tasted too good to end, but after all, the finish is an essential part of whiskies, someone solve this conundrum for me, please?

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