whiskey tasting

6 Simple Tips To Whiskey Tasting

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Let me get this straight, you’re here because you have finally decided to stop pretending like you know proper whiskey tasting. Trust me, we have ALL been there, throwing out jargons here and there and think we understand it. In reality, we would all look like an idiot in front of people that know. BUT, I am glad that you’re …

Hibiki 17

Suntory Hibiki 17: Whiskey Review

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Where should I start? Hibiki 17 is a whiskey blend that doesn’t taste like a blend. Is it a bad thing? Actually, quite the contrary, it is superb. It is the kind of whiskey where you’d be forgiven if you confused it with a single malt. It is something hard to profile. Hibiki 17 surprises me as well, although it …