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Weird how I did the review for the Spice Tree Extravanganza before its precedent, but such is life. I just so happened to try the Extravanganza before the original Spice Tree, solely because of the word ‘Extravaganza’. So what is so different between the two?

Findings in the Compass Box Spice Tree

The controversial, sorry let me rephrase, the avant-garde production method once put the Spice Tree out of production but it is now back with a stronger, richer profile. Sad to see how people tend to hate on the indifference.

spice tree
Compass Box Spice Tree (Source: Maison Du Whisky)

There is a reason why this blend was named the ‘Best Blended Malt Scotch at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition’. How should I put this? Comparing it with the Spice Tree Extravaganza, I like this one better. As the name suggested, spicy is the main theme but there are more than that.

Nose: Like the Extravaganza, I am getting a dried fruit note here but can’t quite pinpoint what it is yet. Cocoa, caramel and a bit oaky. Really pleasant on the nose.

Palate: Spicy opening but it doesn’t burn. The aforementioned dried fruit note is starting to present itself more here, I am getting berries, perhaps blueberries or even blackberries, definitely on the bitter side of the spectrum. Cocoa is present as well but not too prominent. Creamy and sweet, I taste honey and a bit of burnt caramel, really faint though.

Finish: Not quite longlasting overall but the spiciness lingered around longer than other notes. A faint chocolate-y taste.

If I were to compare the Spice Tree Extravaganza with this, I’d go with this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Extravaganza a lot, it is perhaps one of the more enjoyable whisky I’ve tasted. However, this version of the Spice Tree milder, it didn’t attack my tastebuds as aggressively as the Extravaganza did. It allowed breathing room in between each note for me to actually taste everything. Do you agree?

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