A Franck Muller Story – Brand’s Origin

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Perhaps one of the brands with the most complicated watch ever seen, some may even call Franck Muller “The Master of Complications”.

Despite such an impressive resume, it’s hard to believe that Franck Muller was only established in 1991, a mere 25 years ago. When comparing age with others, Franck Muller is way too young to even be mentioned with big brands like Audemars Piguet or Rolex but when it comes to the quality of watches, Muller’s are definitely up there.

A Swiss Legend

Franck Muller was born in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, home of many of the greatest watchmakers in history.

Franck Muller
Franck Muller

At an early age of 15, Muller was enrolled in a watchmaking school in Geneva and would later graduate to become a watchmaker. Early into his career, he would repair Patek Philippe watches.

However, not long after, he would go on and design his very first tourbillon, a feat that is almost exclusive to the oldest and most prestigious watchmakers.

With such admirable skill at an early age, it didn’t take long before Frank started designing and selling his own creation. In 1986, Franck Muller began premiering annual movements based on the complications of legendary watchmakers.

Other than that, perhaps another equally important event that happened to Muller in 1986 was meeting the equally talented case maker, Vartan Sirmakes, thus leading to the Franck Muller dynasty.

Muller would design private custom pieces for each unique client but didn’t has his own shop until 1991.

Frank Muller’s World Premieres

“World Premieres” is a watch series that has watches with immaculate complications which also skyrocketed his fame. Since Muller wanted to keep decent quality control, he insisted on working these marvels in the old way, putting every component by his own hands

Some of the most notable watches from the series are the Triple Axis Tourbillon and of course, the Aeternitas Mega, one of the most complicated wristwatch ever made.

The Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

In 2011, the brand has once again shocked the world the biggest tourbillon ever incorporated in a wristwatch, the Giga Tourbillon.

This Tourbillon is absolutely massive.  It is twice as big as a regular tourbillon, its cage measuring 20 mm in diameter and filling half of the watch.

Franck Muller Official Website
Giga Tourbillon

In October 2002, Franck was granted the first prize of the Genève Watchmaking Grand Prix. Such an award is the ultimate affirmation and recognition from the watchmaking world for his exceptional talent and the immense expertise of the manufacturer. Strengthening his name of “The Master of Complications”.

Aesthetically, Franck Muller watches are incredibly identifiable, its vivid dial designs combining with the highly intricated movements and the tonneau-shaped case, truly remarkable.

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