Take A Look At: Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar

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Gentleman Pursuits has been shrouded by the Only Watch 2019 atmosphere lately, from the podcast to Instagram posts, they are all very Only Watch oriented. Today, in this watch review, I want to go over a piece that in my opinion, flew under most people’s radar. Let’s take a look at the Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar.

meteorite tourbillon
The meteorite material is truly remarkable. (Source: Monochrome Watches)

Watch I.D.

Model: Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar for Only Watch 2019
References: (Unique for the charity event)
Diameter: 42.00 mm
Calibre: automatic calibre FC-97
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Winding: Automatic
Price: Went under the hammer for ~$60, 200 USD

A Gentleman’s Take

I’ve always had a crush for Frederique Constant. Matter of fact, back in 2018, I was torn between Graham’s pulsometer and Frederique Constant’s Worldtimer (I went with Graham in the end, no regrets though). So what is so special about this watch that makes me want to talk about it among all 50 other watches from the lot?

Let me just put it this way, the dial was literally made from a meteorite found in Namibia, it is too awesome not to talk about it. Frederique Constant introduced its very first tourbillon back in April 2008 and its first perpetual calendar in 2016. Combine them together, you get this amazing looking tourbillon perpetual calendar.

Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar
Case back (Source: Monochrome Watches)

First of all, all of the gears and cogs, wheels and anchors are sitting in an 18k pink gold three-part case. From the dial, you can see the calibre through the openwork design. Due to the meteorite’s nature, the dial colour, I’m guessing between Cobalt and Perusian blue, and the pattern shown on it is uniquely breathtaking. The tourbillon cage at 6 o’clock consist of 80 parts, including an anchor and a silicon escapement wheel just like their first tourbillon. The overall dial design shows massive resemblance to the 2018 celebratory Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture.

Not exactly the flashiest watch from the auction lot but Frederique Constant needs no jazzy decorations to please their audience, they know precisely what they desire. The intricacy of the watch says it all, thus giving birth to the astonishing Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar.


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