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Belated Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everyone reading this. It is the end of both a great year and the decade, what are some of your proudest accomplishments? This will be the first review of 2020, why don’t we start it with the Highland Park 10 year, a magnificent reference point I like to use and perhaps, it will be yours in the future.

Findings in Highland Park 10 Years

As mentioned above, the Highland Park 10 Year is a whisky that I’d use to compare other whiskies with, it has a really all-rounded profile, a really nice balance between fruitiness and smokiness. What on earth is this sweet, peaty, easy to drink whisky? Let’s get into the tasting.

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Highland Park 10 (source: SukasaStyle)

Nose: Strong sherry cask smell, can be told immediately. You can smell orange and hint of vanilla. Caramel, honey are present as well if you really dig into it. Slightly smokey, the nose opens up slightly more when the whisky sits for a while.

Palate: Doesn’t burn at all, I’d say it has a welcoming entry. You can really taste the vanilla and the honey now, it’s moderately sweet. The smokiness is well-blended with the sweetness of the dram, definitely not overwhelming. It is lightly peated with a bit of black pepper sitting at the back.

Finish: Sweetness of the dram doesn’t last but the smokiness and peatiness stay. Cigar smoke? A very full and lengthy finish. Oakiness of the dram is kind of stale at the end but this is not a big ‘turn off’ for me. Overall still an amazing dram.

Highland Park makes beautiful whiskies. There are a lot of comments on the internet saying that Highland Park is well off with the 12 and 18 years why would they want to make a 10 years? Perhaps they want to create an entry-level-whisky for beginners? Who knows? However, in my opinion, the Highland Park 10 years is the best one from them, a nice and full body with a decent amount of sweetness to it, the 12 is, hmm… how should I put it? Kind of iffy for my taste. (review on the Highland Park 12 coming soon)

I highly recommend this for those who are looking for an introduction to Highland Park Distillery or are looking for a delightful dram!

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