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Johnnie Walker White Walker – A Gentleman’s Review

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This White Walker is a special one. Who in their right mind would put a bottle of whisky in the freezer? Actually, the bottle instructed us to do so, let’s take a look.

A Gentleman’s Take

Normally, Johnnie Walker wouldn’t be my go-to, my past experience with it just, wasn’t as good. However, one day my friend brought a bunch of samples to my house with the White Walker being one of them, I was instantly hooked. Although the whisky itself isn’t as good as I expected, I can see myself drinking it on a Sunday afternoon when I want something tamer.

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Johnnie Walker White Walker (Photo source: Vila Viniteca)

I have tried the whisky before and after putting it in the freezer and I have to say, massive credits to George Harper and his team for coming up with this idea. Blended from Cardhu and Clynelish, with the latter being one of the most north distilleries in Scotland.

Nose: From the cold White Walker, nothing stands out at the nose, a really faint vanilla note. Smells like most Irish whisky to sum it up, nothing too exciting. After warming up a bit, the buttery and sweetness are twice as prominent but still kind of subtle.

Palate: Feels thin. After all, it is Johnnie Walker, so I wouldn’t expect a really thick, spicy, aggressive whisky from them. However, the fun thing about tasting this whisky is that it tastes almost completely different between cold and room temperature. From the cold one, it is sweeter and I’d say more pleasant to drink. For the warmer one, it tastes greener, almost peaty. Definitely falls onto the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Finish: Moderate finish, doesn’t last, the sweetness lingers around for a bit but faint.

Would I recommend trying the White Walker at least once? Absolutely. For those who love a tamer, less aggressive whisky that they can pick up any time of the day, the White Walker is definitely something you should try.

Do I think it is collection-worthy? Not really. Comparing this to the Johnnie Walker Black (similar price), Johnnie Walker Black would be a better option here.

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