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Monkey Shoulder – A Gentleman’s Review

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I don’t know why I have not gotten to this whisky sooner. Monkey Shoulder should have been my first 10 whisky reviews as it is such a SENSATIONAL whisky. Not sure about others but Monkey Shoulder is definitely my top recommendations for beginners looking to get into whisky.

A Gentleman’s Take

monkey shoulder
Monkey Shoulder (source: The Whisky Exchange)

To give a general idea of what the whisky tastes like, it is blended from Willian Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich and Balvenie. The name Monkey Shoulder actually comes from a condition where old-school distilleries workers would get after working a long shift of constant turning of barley. With such an interesting name and blends from all these legendary, what would it taste like?

Nose: Fruity notes. Really prominent smell of sweetness from the malted barley. Liquorice, I don’t really like it but smelling it in whisky is a different thing I guess. A faint vanilla scent.

Palate: Although I have not tasted a lot of whiskies in my life yet, this is by far one of the fruitiest I’ve ever tasted. Burned wood. Little cinnamon, little peppery and a little grassy, but not too much, just a tiny bit. Some say the burnt wood is predominant, I really don’t think so. I feel like the fruitiness is still the star here.

Finish: Medium length, earthy and grassy finish. Nothing too fancy here.

Well, although I have not tasted a lot of whiskies in my life, Monkey Shoulder remains one of the top three fruitiest whiskies on my list, up there with Talisker and Highland Park.

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