NIKKA Yoichi Single Malt – A Gentleman’s Review

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Definitely not the rarest, in fact, the Yoichi Single Malt is available in most of the liquor stores. However, it does own a special place in my heart. But that’s it, right? Whisky tasting is also about the memories associated with the process, that is what completes it.

When I first got into whisky, Japanese whisky was always my go-to. Well because the only whisky bar I knew back then, was a Japanese whisky bar and it was my comfort zone, not feeling like branching out. As time went on, me being a whisky head was not news to my friends anymore, and on my 18th birthday, a good friend of mine bought a bottle from Japan for me as a birthday gift. It is the Yoichi Single Malt.

Talk about the taste of friendship.

Findings in the Yoichi Single Malt

Well obviously it’s biased when I say Yoichi is marvellous but let’s not forget that there are no bad whiskies, just good and better.

Bottle: No fancy artwork but the rustic looking label with the Kanji 余市 makes it a simple yet captivating design.

Image result for yoichi single malt nikka
Yoichi Single Malt (Source: Master of Malt)

Nose: Really pronounced. I am getting toffee apples and a rather strong peat smoke smell. Slightly nutty and really woody, it gives out a strong earthy smell (wood, moss etc.) Also, a hint of citrus, perhaps orange peels, sitting at the back. A few drops of water really opens up the dram.

Palate: Hmm, it is quite oily and it reveals a lot more than the nose. Instead of orange peels, I’m getting a more lemon-y taste from it. The aforementioned peat smoke is prominent but gentle, it spreads evenly across the palate. Tasting it reveals a more fruity element in the dram itself, making this a rather interesting drink. The woody, earthy tone that the nose suggested is present as well but combined with the peatiness, they somehow turned into a taste of leather.

Finish: It is very longlasting and smooth, the oiliness, however, is not. A hint of herbal is left behind.

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