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Take A Look At: Cartier Crash Skeleton

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Never reviewed a Cartier watch before and this first review isn’t the Tank solo nor the Ballon Bleu De Cartier, it is the Cartier Crash Skeleton. A watch with both an interesting design and story behind it.

Watch I.D

Model: Cartier Crash Skeleton
References: WHCH0006
Diameter: 28.15 mm x 45.32 mm
Calibre: 9618 MC
Power Reserve: 72 hours
Winding: manual
Retail Price: ~$69550 USD (limited 67 pieces)

A Gentleman’s Take

Cartier Crash Skeleton (Journal.hautehorlogerie)

Give Cartier some damn respect! This reimagined unisex design proved to us once again the Crash is a timeless design that no one should forget about.

The original design is first introduced in 1967, inspired by a deformed Cartier Bagnoire wristwatch caused by a car crash that took the Cartier’s Vice President’s life. The surreal, unusual form of the watch that looks like something straight out of a Salvador Dali painting, piqued Cartier’s interest and they decided to recreate the watch as a tribute to the fallen vice president.

This skeleton piece introduced in 2014 gave the original Cartier Crash a futuristic look. Numerals look like they are melted away on the dial as they are integrated onto the skeleton plate. Alongside with a fine touch of blue, ‘sword-like’ minute and hour hands. Who would have thought such a design that was so ahead of its time when it was first introduced in 1967 can go even further with this slight twist?

Moreover, this reimagined watch is packed with action as well. Within this weirdly shaped case, there is a minute repeater and a perpetual calendar flying tourbillon, a movement tailored for the crash case, all-in-one, just under 4mm thick.

No matter how you view this watch, beautiful or not, none of us, not even time can take away Cartier Crash’s value.

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