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Take A Look At: Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz

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As most of you may have known already, Gentleman Pursuits has shifted focus onto video/podcast production rather than written works. However, writing review is still an important part of my passion and there is no reason to discontinue. Today, I want to bring your attention to this special piece, my next target, the Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz.

Now I know you are asking “why the quartz movement?”

Answer will be revealed below.

Watch I.D.

Model: Santos Dumont small model
Reference: WSSA0023
Diameter: 38 mm x 27.5 mm
Calibre: quartz movement
Winding: automatic
Retail Price: ~ $3,500

A Gentlemen’s Take

Review - the 2020 Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Hand-Wind (Specs & Price)
Source: Monochrome Watches

It was just recently when I started being obsessed with Cartier’s watches.

Literally obsessed.

When I first saw the Santos Dumont 18K Pink Gold version a while back I didn’t like it but then I discovered the steel version, game changing. Clean and elegant, a consistent style and super well executed. Choosing the quartz movement is solely because it carries a friendlier price, and NO SNOBBERY AGAINST QUARTZ.

The Cartier Santos Dumont is the combination of two names, Louis Cartier and the pilot Alberto Santos Dumont. Cartier promised Mr. Santos Dumont that he would make a watch for him so he can tell time while flying a plane. So does this make it an aviation watch? Yes? Nah… Just kidding… Unless…?

One of the main reason why I am so obsessed with this watch is because of the size and thickness. It is at 38×27.5mm (small version) and even the bigger version is at 43×31.4mm, but most importantly it is the thickness (7.3mm). Even if you’ve never tried this watch on, statistically, doesn’t it already feels well-fitted?

Overall design is immaculate, on top of that, the classic Cartier crown design makes the watch worth every penny. Blue, round and pointy sapphire crown adds a bit more sophistication and depth to this watch. In the grand picture, it is a really flat and thin watch with a crown that stands out. If you’ve followed Gentleman Pursuits long enough you would have already known that I love juxtaposition in watch designs, and the Cartier Santos Dumont did it so subtly, marvellous.

Cartier watches, more jewellery than timepiece? Lines between definition of categories are getting real blurry these days and to be honest, I don’t really like how they are all so muddied now. However, jewellery or not, this watch is might fine.

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