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Perhaps the most simplistic looking watch I’ve ever reviewed after the NOMOS Lambda. Longines has always been a brand that sits at the back of my head but has never quite gotten my attention. Except the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, one of the sexiest watch on Earth right now. What motivated me to write a review about the Heritage though? Welp, I am just thinking about how a lot of people are growing towards the minimalistic spectrum of fashion style, this watch will definitely do your outfit justice.

Watch I.D.

Model: Heritage Classic ‘Sector’
Diameter: 38.5 mm
Calibre: L894 (ETA A31.501)
Power Reserve: 64 hours
Winding: automatic
Retail Price: ~ $2,150

A Gentleman’s Take

Do you know what this reminds me of? The Baltic X Worn & Wound limited edition, almost identical but Longines is much more than that. What do all watch lovers have in common? We all want something that looks nice to us and AFFORDABLE. The Longines Heritage Classic “Sector” checks all the boxes.

‘Sector’ gained international praise when it first came out. The watch itself is stunning and outstanding, but it also references a watch by Longines back in 1934. We all love a nice little vintage reboot/remake, don’t we?

A really simplistic and clean design, combining it with a sturdy steel case, encasing the definition of ‘time-telling’. There is nothing else here, just a time-only automatic watch.

The geometrics of the watch is also another highlight, the sector dial and the cross sitting at the centre of the dial come together perfectly. There are no non-sense in this watch, it is a slightly smaller watch than what we used to see, sitting at 38.5 mm but the heritage classic delivers it all.

Longines Heritage Classic ‘Sector’ (source: HODINKEE)

I personally really like the ‘no date window’ design. A date window, to me, sometimes kills or makes the watch, if it is poorly executed, the date window may seem … irksome, and annoying. In this ‘Sector’ dial design, the main focus is the symmetry of the watch, if you put a date window on the left or right side, it ruins the aesthetic. Of course, some may propose putting it right under 12 o’clock but then it would be too much for the eyes in a 38.5 mm case. Think about it.

Overall, much love to this watch, Longines has been making some really promising watches in the Heritage series. To be honest, a watch like such at $2,150? A steal.

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