Take A Look At: Patek Philippe Calatrava Ladies’ Pilot Travel Time 7234R

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The first time talking about ladies’ watch and this will not be the last! I came across this watch the other day and was INSTANTLY HOOKED. Let’s take a look at its ‘I.D card’ first.

Watch I.D.

Model: Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ladies
References: 7234A
Diameter: 37.5 mm
Calibre: 324 S C FUS (in-house)
Power Reserve: 45 hours
Winding: automatic
Retail Price: ~ $44, 060 USD

A Gentleman’s Take

Image result for ladies calatrava 7234A
Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava 7234A (Source: HODINKEE)

Some of you may have noticed already, the 7234A is indeed blood-related to the 5524G, a smaller and brighter version. This is actually quite a special piece regarding the way it was released and promoted. Traditionally, the release of watches was usually announced in Baselworld, SIHH etc. and or via print advertisements. This time, however, with the Ladies’ Calatrava, Patek Philippe decided to unveil the watch through an Instagram campaign. It is always refreshing to see big companies like Patek Philippe adapting to the newest trend.

The 7234R is in rose gold which is a tiny bit less exciting than the greyish-blue 7234A. Don’t get me wrong, rose gold watches are gorgeous but sometimes too much of the same thing can be boring. Steel blue, on the other hand, is quite a refreshing colour to see on a watch, especially those associated with the name Patek Philippe.

The Cordura synthetic strap is another highlight of the 7234A that made it so much better than the 7234R. A slightly rugged-looking Cordura strap adds to the whole sailor vibe it gives out, it reminds me of villas in Santorini, beach houses Barbados, and a lady in a white sundress and straw hat.

Simple dial design with an awing symmetrical aesthetic. If you have the financial power, I highly recommend this watch to all as this is not your common elegant ladies’ watch like the Ballon Bleu de Cartier or the Lady Rolex Yacht-Master, which is something I totally love. Breaking barriers you know?

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