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I am always contemplating should I or shouldn’t I talk more about Rolex. The brand itself is too legendary to be left out, however, on the other hand, it is everywhere.

Some people love Rolex some people hate it because of how “simple” and “boring” their design can be and yet, it is still one of the most famous watch brands in the world, well for a lot of other reasons obviously.

But you know what? It does not matter if Rolex is everywhere or not because I have decided to write about it and there are many more coming, so strap in, guys.

Watch I.D.

Image result for sky dweller ref 326934
Rolex Sky-Dweller (sources: Professional Watches)

Model: Sky-Dweller
References: 326934
Diameter: 42 mm
Calibre: 9001 (in-house)
Power Reserve: 72 hours
Winding: automatic
Retail Price: ~ $14,400 USD

A Gentleman’s Take

The Sky-dweller came out in 2012 and the stainless steel version came out during the 2017 Baselworld event and may I say this is one of the sexiest watches I’ve ever seen. I assume that everyone has heard of the oyster case and in my opinion, the Sky-Dweller’s design complements the oyster case the best among all the other Rolex watches.

If you use your imagination a bit, the fluted bezel creates a never before seen aesthetic that reminds me of a disco ball, reflecting light in a dazzling pattern, and am I the only one that thinks the markings made it look like the light is shining into the dial?

Sky-Dwellers was only produced with precious metal like gold and rose gold before but I am liking the stainless steel the most. The silver and blue (there are more choices of colours but blue is my favourite) combination are common but refreshing, and let’s not forget about the red markers at the peripheral of the watch. However, it is not the colour coordination only, it is the subdial that really got me.

The subdial as you can clearly see on the watch really gives the watch a bolder look than most. A lot of the time when we see a subdial, it is usually smaller in size, sitting quietly at the 6 o’clock position but not the Sky-Dweller. The 24-hour disc is one of the major features this watch carries, so why underplay it? Going big is an absolute right choice here!

Image result for sky-dweller ref 326934
Close up. (source: Watch Finder)

Also, because of the ‘bigger than usual’ subdial, the markings on the dial are adjusted accordingly as well. As you can see here from 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock, they are decreasing in size gradually to fit perfectly around the off-centre subdial. Every detail counts, you know?

After all, they all look similar but the recent models have received a bit of modification, making them appear to be, umm… less bulky. Comparing to the more popular Submariner, I feel like Sky-Dweller is slightly underrated when clearly it carries a classier or a more CEO vibe if you know what I mean. Without a doubt, Sky-Dweller would be my No. 1 recommendation from Rolex’s collection.

What do you think?

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