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A diving watch can never go wrong in my opinion. Matter of fact, if you can’t make up your mind on what to buy for yourself or as a gift, this Seiko Prospex SSC618P1 should be a safe bet.

Watch I.D

Model: Seiko Prospex
References: ssc618p1
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Calibre: V175
Power Reserve: 6 months when fully charged
Winding: Automatic
Price: ~$300 USD

A Gentleman’s Take

My child

The ssc618p1 is my first ever luxury watch and I still remember the day when I got this as a gift from my parents. Rose gold has always been my favourite on a watch and the combination with black is totally ravishing. The watch isn’t overly chunky, sitting at 43.5mm across and 14mm high and it comes with an extra-long silicone strap, almost venti black or matte black but who cares, it looks good!

The bezel and dial, as you can see, is pretty Seiko Prospex-typical. Black minute bezel with white markings as well as an indicator at the 12 o’clock position. The overall dial design is quite orthodox, nothing too over the top. However, I have yet to talk about the most interesting part of this watch.

The V175 movement in this watch is a solar-powered quartz movement, it absorbs light energy and stores it in a self-recharging battery. The power reserve can reach up to 6 months with just 5 hours of recharging time. If the battery is running low, the chronograph would be disabled and the second hand located at the 9 o’clock position will jump at a 2-second increment. A pretty cool twist on quartz technology, a practical one actually, to show you that the watch needs to be recharged without interrupting the function and aesthetic of the watch.

USD $300 for a watch this sophisticated is definitely a steal from my perspective, what do you think?

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