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Take A Look At: The Histoire De Tourbillon 6

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It’s been a while since the last “Take A Look At” article and I just miss writing about watches, it’s so fun to do all these researches and turning them into an information-dense article for you to consume. As we all know, we are getting closer to Christmas and I want to introduce something special to you, the Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 6. Let’s take a look at its specs.

Watch I.D

Model: Histoire De Tourbillon 6
References: HCOMTT55WW001
Diameter: 55 mm
Calibre: HW4701
Power Reserve: 80 hours
Winding: manual
Price: ~$600000 USD

A Gentleman’s Take

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Histoire de Tourbillon 6 (source: Pinterest)

From the look of it, some of you may have realized that it is a derivative of its predecessors, the Histoire De Tourbillon 4, both contain a multiaxis tourbillon with a similar rectangular case. The geometric juxtaposition grants you some sort of unexplainable satisfaction, circle vs square, a very well-thought combination.

Other than its unconventional look, there is one more thing that you need to know about this watch, it is the coexistence of the karussel and tourbillon. I know you are pretty familiar with what is a tourbillon but what is a karussel? A karussel and tourbillon both have the function and purpose of minimizing errors made by counteracting against gravity. One distinct difference between them, however, is the structure.

A tourbillon is usually run by its own independent system with a pinion behind the cage, rotating the cage and powering the escapement at the same time. The karussel, on the other hand, requires another wheel run by a power train to rotate the cage. The escapement in the karussel is also powered by a power train coming from another direction. In conclusion, for the tourbillons, there is one power train powering everything but for karussel, there are two.

Despite the amazing aesthetic and the intricacy, Harry Winston’s watches are not the friendliest when it comes to the size of the watch, most of them are really big and can be a real bully to us skinny-wrist watch lovers (sad). However, what’s stopping us from appreciating a great piece, am I right?

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