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Where I grew up (Hong Kong), the name Tissot is everywhere. I was never a fan of Tissot, maybe because I’ve never actually looked into the brand or maybe most of the time when I walk past an AD, the Tissot watches they displayed had never looked appealing to me. However, sometimes a watch catches you by surprise and completely blows you away. It doesn’t need some grandiose complications, sometimes all it takes is a fresh design that stands out from the rest of its collection. Introducing, the Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph.

Watch I.D.

Model: Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph.
References: T66.1.782.33 (mesh bracelet) T66.1.722.33 (black leather strap) T66.1.712.33 (brown leather strap)
Diameter: 39.5 mm
Calibre: ETA caliber 2894-2
Power Reserve: 42 hours
Winding: Automatic
Price: ~USD 1,400 for leather strap and USD 1,450 for bracelet

A Gentleman’s Take

Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph (Source: Gentleman’s Journal)

Vintage-inspired. One of my personal favourite dial designs is those that mimick old train station clocks. Just like the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle watches 90th anniversary, the Tissot Heritage has a similar BUT simpler design. Take a look at the dial again, do you notice anything special? I am talking about the dot markers inside the minute track, and also the slightly slanted, katana-blade-like bezel. They both complement the overall style, some really fine touch-ups to the dial to give it a 3D look.

Big watches seems to be the trend now but Tissot knows better, the Heritage Chronograph case is sitting at 39.5 mm with a pair of medium-sized, twisted lugs, making this watch not quite the bully to those with skinny wrist (just like mine). The watch looks really clean, not simple but not overdone with the complexity.

Tissot Heritage case back
A really special case back, isn’t it?

Went with the classic silver and black, this watch can look warm or cool depending on your outfit and lighting. The dial looks great and all, but let’s turn the watch over and appreciate the watch from another perspective, a rather strange perspective. Tissot has done this before, teasing us with just bits of the movement through two tiny windows, and the rest is closed off from the world. I can’t say I hate it, just not a big fan, either show me everything or have a closed back. I definitely do not like being teased.

However, if we look past the half-opened-half-closed situation, we can see that the case back is quite delicately designed. Big Tissot name in the middle with a touch of baroque-victorian decoration around the semi-circular windows which added more vintage feeling to the watch.

This watch was first introduced in Baselworld back in 2017 and to be honest, I think it’s among one of the best value watches. I know the Octo Finissimo Automatic may be the highlight in 2017 but please don’t forget that there are always hidden gems if you look hard enough, aka the Tissot Heritage 1948 Chronograph.


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