Tales From The ‘Gram: A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down

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1815 Up/Down
A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down (credit: @mchuwis)

We tend to learn more about the things that we love, understanding it at the deepest level possible, eager to know more about the lore and story behind every single detail. For us watch lovers, it is the movements, brand origins, and the craftsmanship, to the point where we forget that it is completely okay to buy a watch just because it looks good. Today it is my pleasure to have Michael (@mchuwis) here to share with us his story and adoration for the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down.

Watch I.D.

Model: 1815 Up/Down
Reference: 221.021
Diameter: 35.9 mm
Calibre: L942.1
Winding: Handwound
Material: Yellow Gold

Words From the Collector…

While the IWC Mark XVIII is Michael’s current favourite, it is without a doubt that the 1815 Up/Down means the most to him.

This German watchmaker is one of a kind, it plays a central role in the watchmaking industry. Survived the East-West division back then, and still manages to keep its image intact (a lot of watchmakers have fallen because of this), I would even say that A. Lange & Söhne is the king of “Made in Germany”. Clean, attention to detail, bold, are some of the keywords to describe their watches, it strives for visual recognizability along with the highest level of watchmaking, true “Haute Horlogerie”. One last remark, the reason why A. Lange & Söhne is such an esteemed brand is because they take watchmaking as seriously as us horophiles believe. No ‘trying to fit into current trend’, no ‘cutting corners’, just pure high-end craftsmanship.

When I first got “into” watches, I remember seeing a sponsored ad on TV in between football matches. I distinctly remember hearing: “The time is brought to you by A. Lange & Söhne.”

Michael (@mchuwis)

For me it was a RADO ad on TV, for him, it was the ALS. That didn’t surprise me at all, for A. Lange and Söhne contains a special force that draws people towards it, no one escapes from its magic.

1815 Up/Down
A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down (credit: @mchuwis)

The 1815 Up/Down broke all boundaries, not confined by era, style, or trend. The dial is highly legible, the design is crisp and useful, I literally have no complaints. “The 1815 U/D immediately jumped out at me: simple, elegant, with enough visual interest to make it really special…” said Michael, and I agree, it will only be a matter of seconds for someone to recognize this watch.

Although this is the first-gen, the newer version of the Up/Down went through a heart surgery, the movement within is completely new when compared to the original, the addition of top-mounted wheel train bumped the power reserve from 45 hours to 72 hours.

But, I can only imagine what it feels like to have it on my wrist. For Michael however, with the watch being the memento of his wedding, it sure is one of the reasons why he smiles so much. “Every single time I wear that watch, it really brings a smile to my face. Not only does it represent the bond between my wife and me, but, pardon my shallowness, it’s just so beautiful to look at!” Actually, it would be weird if you’re not completely obsessed with the look of it. So I checked, Michael, you’re good. No one is going to think you are shallow!

Another minor yet impactful feature from this watch is its thickness. Without a doubt, the 1815 Up/Down is a phenomenal ‘dress watch’, by being only 7.9mm thick, it can easily fit under any cuffs. From the look of Michael’s Instagram feed, I think this may be another reason why the Up/Down is such a perfect watch for him.

I am so, so grateful to be in a position where I can have it on my wrist and I never take it for granted.

Michael (@mchuwis)

Collector’s Reminder

To anybody starting a collection, my first advice is to do a lot of research, whether it be online forums or on Instagram. I’d suggest going to ADs/boutiques whenever you can and [try] on as many watches as you can. Take notes and start narrowing down what works for you in terms of style, size, etc. Once you know what you like, buy what you like. Don’t get caught up in what’s popular, or what people think about said watch. At the end of the day, it’s your wrist, so make sure whatever you spend your hard-earned money on, will make you smile every single time you look at it.

I truly hope that everyone will find something, not just watches but that one ‘mental anchor’ that will make you smile every single time you look at it, and it is collectors like Michael that makes the watch community a better place.

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