This or That: Seamaster or Submariner?

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The first article of this new “This or That” series. I believe it will never go wrong by starting something with Rolex and Omega.

I believe a lot of people, especially in recent times, before deciding which diver watch to purchase, it usually narrows down to these two, Seamaster or Submariner. The Seamaster and Submariner both contain what each other doesn’t, but which one is more suitable for you? Let’s “dive” into it.


Buy what moves you. This series is only for you to take a look at two watches’, that was picked by me, strong suits and weaknesses. There are so many more options on the market that you should consider as well. Wearing watches, in the end, is about your personal experience with the watch rather than wearing it for other’s validation. When you found a watch that moves you and gives you the chills and shivers in a positive way, don’t overthink, trust your gut!

Candidate #1: Seamster (42mm)

Seamaster Diver 300M OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42 mm ...
2018 Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer

When it comes to Omega watches, the Speedmaster or Seamaster should be the first two watches that pop into your head. While most people like to focus on the Speedmaster, the Seamaster is equally stunning!


  • An excellent choice for professional divers
  • Tested to resist magnetic waves up to 15,000 Gauss or 1.5 Tesla (2018 Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer)
  • Helium Escape valve
  • $4, 317 USD (Almost half of the Submariner Date)
  • A lot of different configuration to choose from


  1. Omega generally has a lower resale value (largely depends on the watch)
  2. The Chronometer is slightly less accurate than Superlative Chronometer (from Rolex)
  3. If you are looking for watches that are recognizable by the general crowd, Omega may not be the right watch here.

Candidate #2: Submariner (40mm)

This watch… doesn’t need an introduction.

Rolex Submariner Date Watch: Oystersteel - M116610LN-0001


  • Super high resale value because it’s a Rolex, that’s why
  • Highly recognizable
  • The Superlative Chronometer is more accurate than Chronometer, achieving -2/+2 seconds per day
  • Anti-reflective coating is within the case to keep it from being scratched away.
  • 904L Steel, really sturdy and reliable


  1. Less style option to choose from, some may even say ‘different options’ Rolex put out all looked the same
  2. Way more expensive than a Seamaster
  3. The “Cyclops” magnifier over the date is often disliked, or should I say, not many people are warmed up to such a look yet

Not sure about you guys but I really agree with this statement, “Omega perfects watches, Rolex perfects an image.” What’s your call?

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