Tomatin 12 Bourbon and Sherry cask – A Gentleman’s Review

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This is the second bottle of whisky I’ve had since the start of quarantine, the stock is running low but it will not affect my mood to write you guys a ‘Gentleman’s Review’! Introducing, Tomatin 12 Bourbon and Sherry cask.

tomatin 12
Tomatin 12 Bourbon and Sherry cask

Tomatin started in 1897 but some evidence point towards the 1700s! Guess we will never know for sure, but John MacDougall, John MacLeish, and Alexander Allan’s decision to open a distillery over 1000 feet above sea level on the eastern edge of the Monadhliath Mountains is definitely an interesting choice, or should I say, a smart one? Although far away from a water source, it was built “next to a newly opened rail line, not far from a market- it lies just over 18 miles south of Inverness.” (source: Tomatin was also once the biggest distillery in Scotland and was considered one of the most important producers in the market!

Now, how do their whiskys taste like?

Findings in Tomatin 12 Bourbon and Sherry cask

I am not even going to act like I know Tomatin well, this is actually the first bottle I’ve ever tried from them. The good and bad of the Tomatin 12 balanced each other out and it just ended up being … average, a ‘party whisky’.

Nose: Prominently sweet, caramel and nougat like. Some say candy apple but I can’t really recall what a candy apple smells like. I thought the sherry note would be more obvious but all I’m getting is sweetness, which I enjoyed!

Palate: A really smooth texture. Sherry note is a tad bit more obvious than the nose but still, kind of faint. However, the ex-bourbon barrel maturation doesn’t seem to have an effect here, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t quite taste the bourbon influence here. You can taste cherries, not a fruity note but more of a dried-berry taste.

Finish: Surprisingly, the sherried malt taste is way more prominent at the finish and it lingers for quite a long time. Sweet, and the taste of nougat and/or caramelized brown sugar.

Definitely has its own merits, the sherried-malt flavour making a surprise entrance at the end of the tasting and it’s leaning on the sweeter side of the spectrum. It almost feels like the majority of the whiskys I’ve tasted are all sweet, weird. However, I feel like the sherry and bourbon notes could have been a bit more obvious if this is what they are trying to sell. When I say the Tomatin 12 is a ‘party whisky’, I mean you can have a good time with your friends killing this bottle in no time without hurting your wallet, like a premium version of Jameson.

Hmm… not bad but not good either, don’t get me wrong, by no means am I trying to devalue the tastiness of the whisky. I guess I just expected more?

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