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Woodford Reserve Bourbon – A Gentleman’s Review

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Whiskey is an amazing thing, there are no good or bad. However, there are good and better, and in my opinion, Woodford Reserve Bourbon is one of the better ones that serve as the perfect introduction to the world of bourbon.

Woodford Reserve does it differently compared to most other distilleries, they utilize pot stills instead of column stills. The bourbon is aged in stone warehouses to have better control over the maturation process and spends about 7 years in new, charred, American oak barrels which allowed the bourbon to have such rich profile. Woodford Reserve Bourbon has received tons of rewards over the years to showcase that it is among the best of the best in the world.

But how exactly does it taste though? Let’s get straight into it.

Findings in Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

One thing about me is that I find bottle design important as I think it is a crucial way to advertise your product. Woodford Reserve Bourbon’s bottle is shaped in a very interesting way and I have to say, it does stand out on the shelf.

Nose: Really oaky but it is not overpowering, the oakiness of the bourbon is blended in harmony with the citrusy note, I’m getting orange or mandarin. While Woodford Reserve and some drinkers say that there is a faint vanilla note, I beg to differ, a faint caramel is what I’m getting. Really fruity as well.

Palate: It burns a bit when it first landed onto your tongue but it turns smooth, unexpectedly smooth, in just a matter of seconds. The bourbon provides a rich and full mouthfeel, I would not say it is oily, but it definitely lasts. Oh yes, there it is, the effect of charred American oak, although the nose didn’t suggest a nutty note, the palate, however, shows a prominent walnut taste. Toffee, caramel, and cocoa can be tasted as well.

Finish: I love how spicy it gets. The dram is longlasting, the taste of it doesn’t fade away quickly. It is at this stage where you can really identify the components in the bourbon. I love it!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon surprises me in many different ways. The fact that it transformed oaky and spicy into really smooth dram blows me away every time. No wonder Woodford Reserve Bourbon is popular among the whiskey community. Definitely my top 5 of all time.


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